LynnVisible by Julia DeVillers

To be honest, LynnVisible didn't really catch my eye at first. I was debating between it and another book, and in the end I didn't end up buying it. I eventually did buy it though, thinking it would be just another ''good'' book with nothing that would really jump out at me. But I was proved WRONG! This may be one of the best books I have EVER read, and that's a lot coming from me, if you know me. I know what you're all thinking, ''What about the book , Tia?'' Well that's what I'm going to tell you right now!


Lynn Vincent is a smart,funny and quirky ninth-grade girl who expresses herself with her clothing and, in her small town in Pennsylvania is totally fashion-forward which unfortunately, makes her a weirdo and a freak in the hallways of school and in public. But when her creation gets in the hands of a famous fashion designer, they see Lynn as a talented designer with potential. Lynn's life may be forever changed...


What I love about Lynn is how she always keeps her head held high even when it's hard and the criticism starts to get to her. Lynn always stays true to who she is. I think that that is something EVERYBODY should have in them, that certain spunk that nobody can ever put their finger on. Lynn is the kind of person I wish I could be because she is so creative,''I wish I had thought of that!'' and ''I wish I could have done that!'' were my comments throughout most of the book and those continue to circle my mind every time I think of her... But enough about me and my thoughts! Here's more about the story.


Lynn's best friend, Taylor, is the total opposite when it comes to Lynn's fashion- forwardness. By the time Taylor hooks on to a trend, it's no longer popular. So of course Taylor must rely on Lynn as her fashionista when picking out clothes to wear and how to put them together. Without Lynn, Taylor would be lost in a flood of fashion trends. Lynn's brother, Dex, is like most brothers, annoying at sometimes, helpful at others. But Lynn likes to help him win the girl of his dreams by making cool shirts that catches his crush's eye. Her mother is supportive of Lynn's distinct style, but she isn't one of the main characters of the story. Taylor's Mother, on the other hand, finds Lynn's ways 'too weird' for a normal teenager and doesn't want Lynn and Taylor to be seen together, until Lynn becomes popular. Grace, doesn't really understand Lynn and her outfits but supports her friend anyway. Chasey is the queen bee and always puts Lynn down for her unusual outfits, until Lynn is almost more popular than her. Jacob, Lynn's crush, has the most awesome green sneakers Lynn has ever seen and to top it off, his locker is right next to hers! Jacob really likes Lynn and even though he doesn't quite understand Lynn, he understands how some things in fashion just call out to Lynn. When Lynn's hand knitted sock started to unravel on a chair in FonDo, Jacob helped Lynn untangle it! Overall, Jacob is cute, supportive,and really nice to Lynn and her friends. Valentyna is a fashion designer who works for Gilitter Girl-the most popular teen girl magazine out there- and Lynn's idol. Little does either of them, or the whole town for that matter, know that Valentyna will change Lynn's life for, possibly, ever.


One of my favorite things about Lynn, -besides the walk in closet, eeee!-to be honest, is her ''WALL OF LYNNSIRPRATION''. This isn't any old wall, no this wall is a collage of everything that inspires Lynn, most important, the four words that inspire her are CONFIDENCE,CREATIVITY,SELF-EXPRESSION and REACTION. I can totally see how these words inspire her because, if I was Lynn, they would inspire me too. She also has swatches of fabric she used and photos of her friends and family on her collage wall. Lynn's closet has a special cubby where she keeps fabric and supplies.Of course, most of her clothes are hand-made or re purposed,but some of her clothes that are store bought are hanging up in her closet too. A full length mirror for checking out outfits, a mannequin for putting the outfits she's going to wear on, and her shoes re-purposed and store bought as wellare in her closet too. Lynn's favorite accessory is her tutu in my opinion. She has been sewing and 'reinventing' her clothes since third grade and isn't afraid to show off her awesome style. Now that she is in high school, Lynn believes that the teasing she has had in the past will finally stop, but ends up being worse instead. They make fun of her because they don't understand her is my only guess because I personally can't see anyone NOT like Lynn.


I honestly can't even explain this book to you. Lynn's style is so...eccentric that if I tried to explain it all to you I would be typing for years! I wished this book was a movie so that we could all see Lynn's wondrous creations come to life. I have only imagined in my head what Lynn's outfits really looked like when she described them in the book. Lynn is always sewing cute outfits for her pug, Bella. My beagle's name is Bella too, the only difference is that I have NO idea how to sew an outfit for a beagle and if I tried to put an outfit on her, she would probably start ripping it to shreds. I would love to see what Lynn and all of her friends and family and of course, Bella look like. I wish Lynn was my best friend so that she could show me exactly what her style is, even though I know no one will ever really understand her. If I could have one outfit made for me by Lynn, I would never, ever forget what she said and did for me. She is my ''Lynnsipration''. Her creativity and style is beyond me!


I hope Julia DeVillers will make a sequel to the book that I will always hold in my heart whenever I need some ''Lynnsipration''. The lesson I learned from this book is to always be true to yourself.  I think Lynn Vincent is LYNN-CREDIBLE! I would give this book five stars without a second thought. Great job, Julia!



This is an awesome book for aspiring fashion designers!

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