Start off the new year with a new app for your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch!

Do you love to read? Is it a hassel to carry around heavy books so you can read on the go? Do you have an iPhone, iPad, and/or iPod Touch? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you should try the "Barnes & Noble NOOK for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch"! It's a free app from the iTunes Store, which is great becuase all you have to pay for is the books. On this app you can look up books at to buy for your NOOK app, get free samples of books you might want to buy, and read the books in your virtual library with a touch of your finger. I have used this app on my iPod Touch and I must say this is a great app for those avid readers out there. Normally, I would have to lug around 3 or 4 books in my purse, now I can have 10 to 20 or more books in one lightweight place! I would highly reccommend you get this wonderful free app.



For those of you with Android phones,there is also a NOOK app for them!

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