Yotsuba&! Series by Kiyohiko Azuma

About Yotsuba
Yotsuba-chan is an energectic, funny, five year old girl who has bright green hair that resembles something like a shamrock. Yotsuba is written with the "&!" because each chapter is called Yotsuba and (&) something (!), i.e. ("Yotsuba & Moving", the first chapter in the first book.) The series currently has 11 volumes (and counting) that follow Yotsuba, her family, and her friends and neighbors.

Yotsuba's Family
Yotsuba was adopted. Yotsuba's dad, Koiwai is a typical single father, trying to keep his daughter in line but letting her have a little too much fun sometimes. Jumbo is Yotsuba's uncle who stands I'm guessing about 7 or so feet tall. Yotsuba learns new things from her dad and uncle throughout the story.

Yotsuba's Friends
Yotsuba's neighbors become her friends when she moves in to the neighborhood with her dad. The Ayase family, Asagi, Fuka, Ena, and their parents become fast friends with Yotsuba because of Yotsuba's friendly, funny character. There quite a few problems when Yotsuba and her dad first move in though, and Yotsuba's best friend at the time, Fuka, helps out with most of those. Like when Yotsuba leaves the laundry outside in the rain and Fuka helps her bring it in and put it on a clothesline to dry. Ena and Fuka teach Yotsuba new words and concepts, such as global warming and the importance of air conditioning. Yanda is also a friend of Yotsuba and Koiwai. He often fights with Yotsuba over silly things, like bubbles, like a 5 year old himself. Muira is a friend of Ena's who Yotsuba visits when she tags along with Ena. She is often found teasing Yotsuba, though, much like Yanda does. Thankfully, Ena is kind and always resolves the issue before Yotsuba begins to cry.

All in all, the Yotsuba&! is a great series to read for kids 10 to 13. Most of the books can be read within 15 to 30 minutes, and the illustrations are adorable too!


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